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Wet & Forget<br>Moss Mold Mildew & Algae<br>Stain Remover Concentrate
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Wet & Forget
Moss Mold Mildew & Algae
Stain Remover Concentrate


Compare to $34.99

A unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss, mold, mildew and algae removal on any exterior surface. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately begins to work. Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination gently removes the moss, mold, mildew and algae without scrubbing or rinsing.

Burt's Bees<br>Lip Gloss
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Burt's Bees
Lip Gloss


Compare to: $8.99

Enrobe your lips with the rich tones, pearlized color and high impact shine of Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss. Soothing sunflower oil and nourishing beeswax pamper your smile, leaving your lips looking soft, smooth and irresistibly kissable. Just apply with the precise wand applicator attached to the top of the 0.2 fluid ounce size tube, and pucker up. All 12 available lip colors, from neutrals, to pinks, to reds and plums, are 100% natural. No one knows color better than nature, and nobody knows natural lip color better than Burt’s Bees.

Coleman<br>LED Lantern
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LED Lantern


Compare to $24.99

Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the Coleman 4D XPS Classic Personal Size LED Lantern is ideal for camping, hunting, and general outdoor use. A diffuser tube creates an ideal beam pattern, and the LED lantern shines an impressive 190 lumens of light thanks to a CREE XLamp XR-E LED light. A Coleman XPS-compatible lantern, this powerful illuminator will run for up to 25 hours at the high setting, and an incredible 60 hours on low, on four D-cell batteries, and can also run on an optional six-volt rechargeable battery pack (both sold separately).

Spray Nine<br>Multi-Purpose Cleaner<br>(1 Gallon)
Available In:
Spray Nine
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
(1 Gallon)


Compare to: $11.98

Permatex Spray Nine Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant is a professional-strength cleaner/disinfectant to power off tough soils fast. Only one product necessary to effectively clean, degrease, disinfect, remove stains, control mold and mildew, and deodorize. Efficiently disinfects, killing bacteria and viruses in just 45 seconds. Suggested applications include equipment, tools, tires, vinyl and concrete floors, vinyl, stainless steel, painted metal, fiberglass, chrome, engines, plastic, enamel, rubber, walls and ceilings, concrete, sinks, toilet exteriors, showers/bathtubs and more.

Burt's Bees<br>Tinted Lip Balm
Available In:
Burt's Bees
Tinted Lip Balm


Compare to: $6.99

Add a smooch of color, and a whole lot of conditioning with beautiful Botanical Waxes, the secret to BB's Tinted Lip Balm. Soft and supple, they nourish your lovely lips in 6 fresh, fabulously flattering shades.

Eco-Wash<br>(1 Gallon)
Available In:
(1 Gallon)


Compare to: $14.97

The Concrobium Eco-Wash is a multipurpose, all-natural cleaner that removes dirt and grime and cleans up mold and mildew stains. It is meant for outdoor use on wood, composite wood, stone, masonry, concrete, stucco, vinyl, aluminum and fabric. The solution contains no bleach or other harmful chemicals and is completely plant-friendly which means you don't have to cover surrounding vegetation and lawn prior to use.

Burt's Bees<br>Lip Balm Beeswax
Available In:
Burt's Bees
Lip Balm Beeswax


Compare to: $3.29

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is the original, 100% natural lip conditioner that has been soothing dry, lips since 1991. Beeswax and antioxidant vitamin E condition skin for a soothing lip treatment. A final hint of peppermint oil provides a refreshing tingle. The result is a smooth, supple smile everyone will be buzzing about. Each lip balm tube fits in your purse or pocket for dry lip therapy anytime, anyplace. Spread on a little TLC with Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balm.

Coleman<br>10' x 10' Screen Shelter
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10' x 10' Screen Shelter


Compare to $129.99

Create a roomy bug-free and ventilated shady room anytime, anywhere with the 10 by 10-foot Instant Screened Shelter from Coleman. Perfect at the BBQ, the campsite, sporting events, or wherever you want some reliable cover from the sun and respite from insects, the shelter erects in a few minutes thanks to a sturdy telescoping-pole frame system and sturdy cover. Designed to provide comfort for all, the shelter offers a generous center height and 100 square feet of sheltered floor area. The mesh walls keep insects out while the breeze can flow through, and the heavy-duty poly oxford canopy offers protection from the sun's rays. Two doors make access easy. When you're ready to pack it in, the shelter collapses down as easily as it went up.

Milk Bone<br>Dog Treats<br>(24 Ounces)
Available In:
Milk Bone
Dog Treats
(24 Ounces)


Compare to $4.79

Milk-Bone Original dog snacks are crunchy snacks that are wholesome and delicious. Prepared with care these treats will give your dog the simple, genuine joy that your dog gives you every day.

Pup-Peroni<br>Dog Treats<br>(5.6 Ounces)
Available In:
Dog Treats
(5.6 Ounces)


Compare to $3.99

Pup-Peroni dog snacks pack all the real meat taste into a treat that’s 90% fat-free. They’re delicious (based on the speed they're usually woofed down), guilt-free dog snacks that are perfect after a walk, run or a spur-of-the-moment fetch session.

Monari<br>Balsamic Vinegar<br>(16.9 Ounces)
Available In:
Balsamic Vinegar
(16.9 Ounces)


Compare to $4.59

Monari Federzoni's global best seller - a delicate balance of sweet and sour. The original design and ultra-refined label of this PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) balsamic vinegar of Modena nicely express its qualities. The perfect balance between sweet and sour, with a clean, penetrating flavor that enhances all kinds of dishes, makes it ideal for using every day.

Colavita<br>All Natural Pasta Sauce<br>(25 ounces)
Available In:
All Natural Pasta Sauce
(25 ounces)


Compare to $5.99

Bottled sauce without the bottled taste Add a lot of depth but no fat to your pasta with this premium fat free sauce from Colavita. The sauce is made using the freshest ingredients and is 100% all natural with no preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors, additives or fillers. Fat Free.

Gratify Sea Salt Pretzels,<br>Sticks and Thins
Available In:
Gratify Sea Salt Pretzels,
Sticks and Thins


Crunchy, gluten free Gratify Sea Salt Pretzels, Sticks and Thins are perfect for munching by the fist-full or dunking in your favorite sauce or dip! Lightly dusted with sea salt, these perfectly baked snacks will satisfy your cravings and, if you must avoid gluten in your diet, contribute to the healthier lifestyle you seek.

America's Favorite Brand Performance Swimsuits
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America's Favorite Brand Performance Swimsuits


Compare to $60.00 - $100.00
Save 66% - 80%

Google "The World's Top Sports Brands" and you'll likely see the iconic mark that adorns the nearly $1.5 million in performance swimsuits that are headed for our stores.
What is a "performance" swimsuit?  Unlike a typical off-the-rack swimsuit a performance swimsuit is engineered using highly durable fabric that stays strong after continuous exposure in the pool while offering outstanding shape retention and excellent full range-of-motion mobility. These suits resists sagging, bagging and the effects of suntan lotion, skin oils, and chlorine. Bottomline, this is a quality swimsuit you expect to look its best summer after summer.
Does this sound like the swimsuit you already own? If so, smart choice -- you likely paid more than an ordinary suit but in the end, quality is generally worth it.
If on the other hand you'd like to own a quality piece of performance swimwear, but price has been holding you back, this is your shot to own an exceptional performance swimsuit at a fraction of the usual price.
Our performance swimsuits are available in a variety of 1-piece styles, colors and patterns. But don't wait until the summer to check this deal out...they'll be gone well before then.

Kettle Chips<br>(5 Ounces)
Available In:
Kettle Chips
(5 Ounces)


Compare to: $2.99

Behold, the perfect chip. Pick one up. Turn it gently in your hand. Admire the character, the unique, individual shape, the beautiful tawny gold color. The folks at Kettle gently cook their potatoes to perfection in the finest oils, and then gently season them with the freshest, all natural ingredients and spices, creating chips with deep, rich flavors and fresh-from-the-field character.

Palermo Avocado Oil<br>(34 Ounces)
Available In:
Palermo Avocado Oil
(34 Ounces)


Compare to: $16.99

Palermo Avocado Oil is 100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted from fresh premium avocados. The avocado pulp is first expeller-pressed in a manner similar to extra virgin olive oil, then lightly filtered. The result is a beautiful, light bodied, mild flavored olive-green oil that stands up to heat (500° F). Use wherever mild cooking / frying oil is called for.

Mackay's Scottish Preserves<br>(12 Ounces)
Available In:
Mackay's Scottish Preserves
(12 Ounces)


Compare to: $4.79

To make their delicious preserves, MacKays uses only the finest Scottish fruits grown in the fields of eastern Scotland. Using traditional open copper pans, the highest quality Scottish soft fruit and their authentic methods, the experts at Mackays ensure rich fruit flavours in every batch and that special home-made taste that you expect from one of Europe's premier makers of fine jams, jellies and preserves.

Bigelow Teas<br>(20 Ct)
Available In:
  • Variety of flavors
Bigelow Teas
(20 Ct)


Compare to: $3.99

Beginning the moment their founder, Ruth Campbell Bigelow created "Constant Comment"® Tea in her kitchen in 1945, the Bigelow family has focused on just one thing…trying to make the finest teas possible. Today Bigelow offers a selection of deliciously different blends of teas and green teas, a wide variety of herbal teas and teas flavored with real fruit juice.

Bigelow uses hand- picked teas, real spices, flavors and herbs. Some of their teas contain up to twenty different ingredients. And because tea is a leaf that can dry out they take steps to protect it. To keep the teas fresh, they seal their tea bags in protective packets. That’s why a cup of Bigelow Tea is aromatic and delicious; a true indulgence for the senses.

Blue Diamond Pumpkin<br>Spiced Almonds<br>(6 Ounces)
Available In:
Blue Diamond Pumpkin
Spiced Almonds
(6 Ounces)


Compare to: $4.89

Irresistible snacking with the newest Blue Diamond flavor. Delicious almonds coated with natural pumpkin flavors.

Taco Dippers<br>(5 Ounces)
Available In:
Taco Dippers
(5 Ounces)


Compare to: $2.99

Introducing Taco Dippers, a thicker, more flavor-filled and better-made dip chip perfect for enjoying a favorite nacho recipe, salsa, guacamole, or straight out of the bag.  Taco Dippers are made from old world recipes using the very best artisanal ingredients. They carry several health-conscious certifications, including 100% whole grain, all natural, cholesterol free, certified gluten-free, and non-GMO certified. Taco Dippers are available in four great flavors: Original, Chili-Lime, Multigrain and Bean & Rice.

Born Sweet Zing Zero-Calorie Stevia Sweetener<br>(40 Pkts)
Available In:
Born Sweet Zing Zero-Calorie Stevia Sweetener
(40 Pkts)


Compare to: $3.49

Enjoy the delicious sweetening experience of Born Sweet Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener Packets. Made with only real ingredients, it has the sweetness found in Mother Nature's stevia plant. Zero calories and zero artificial ingredients mean Born Sweet Zing was born sweet, with a delicious sweet taste. Sprinkle it into your coffee, over fruit and other favorite foods and beverages. Born Sweet Zing--a taste of sweet excitement. Suitable for people with diabetes.

Klement's All-Beef Summer Sausage<br>(11 Ounces)
Available In:
  • Original Beef
  • Cajun
  • Jalapeno
Klement's All-Beef Summer Sausage
(11 Ounces)


Compare to: $4.99

For more than 50 years, the Klement family has built a tradition of fine sausage making with recipes that date back to the 19th century. Their commitment to quality includes using only lean cuts of pork and beef and hand-selected, imported spices. Klement's Original Summer Sausage is a combination of hardwood-smoked pork and beef and natural spices.

California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil<br>(16.9 ounces)
Available In:
California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(16.9 ounces)


Compare to $17.99

California Olive Ranch cold presses their award winning 100% California grown olives within hours of picking for a fresher taste. The distinct green bottle keeps their sustainably grown, premium extra virgin olive oil fresh longer.

Baked in Brooklyn<br>Snacks
Available In:
  • Flat Bread
  • Sticks
  • Pita Crisps
Baked in Brooklyn


All natural, always twice baked, never fried. 0g Trans Fat.  No Cholesterol. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. With over 40 years experience baking top quality products there's something uniquely delicious about anything Baked in Brooklyn. Is it the water? Hard to know. What we do know is if it's baked In Brooklyn, it's gonna be good.

My Talking Toddler<br>Early Communication Development System<br> 9-Disc Set
Available In:
My Talking Toddler
Early Communication Development System
9-Disc Set


Compare to: $194.99

My Talking Toddler's Early Communication System increases your child's learning ability and communication skills by using repeated vocalization, engaging visual prompts, simple sign language, and a stimulating and fun introduction into sight reading. The Beginning Speech - Volume 1 collection introduces your child to the learning of exciting new concepts of speech, reading and communication. Along with using proven methods recommended by Pediatricians, Child Psychologists, and Speech Pathologists, My Talking Toddler's Volume 1 is a highly engaging, age-appropriate, nine-disc learning system, consisting of six DVDs and three additional CDs. With the use of charming characters, interesting toys, stimulating music and visual prompts, My Talking Toddler makes learning fun and exciting for the entire family. Includes 6 DVDs: Sign Language, P,B & M, Vocabulary, Verbs!, Animals and Body Parts Also 3 CDs: Bedtime Stories 1 & 2 and Songs For Me.


Think our "Compare To" is a typo? Think again...here it is on Amazon - My Talking Toddler.


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